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Northwest, Washington D.C.

The Kalorama area is made up of two different neighborhoods: Kalorama Triangle and Sheridan-Kalorama. President Obama recently became the sixth former U.S. president to live there. The name Kalorama is Greek for “beautiful view” and was chosen by author and diplomat, Joel Barlow, for his home, which he purchased in 1802 and was the area’s single estate at the time. His home was utilized as a Union hospital during the American Civil War and was unfortunately destroyed by a fire during that time. It was later rebuilt and returned to a residence until 1887 when the District of Columbia demolished the property to make way for road expansions in the area. It was around the same time, in the late 19th century, that developers came into the area and began building the large stately homes the neighborhood is known for today. In addition to all the grand houses and estates, Kalorama is also home to twenty-eight embassies, making it no surprise that diplomats, politicians and other people of power and influence choose to settle in the area. Although residents in Kalorama enjoy the quiet of their neighborhood, they can also enjoy its close proximity to other bustling neighborhoods that offer a variety of retail and culinary options.

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