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We understand the importance of seeing real-time progress and maintaining before and after photos. With the approval of the developer, the District Residential Group will stop by project sites once a week and provide progress reports with photos. These photos can be used for social media, email blasts, the property website, or simply as an update for the developer and his/her investors.

// For Our Developers,

We Can:

  • Create an online portfolio, branded to the developer (solely for your business)

  • Feed all photo updates and write-ups/remarks to the portfolio

  • Publish weekly emails to the mailing list of development(s) progress

  • Post-construction phase updates each week to the website and social media

  • Order hard-bound books of each property start-to-finish photography

  • Create developer marketing material for open houses

// Uncovering Inventory

In a low inventory and competitive developer environment, identifying property to purchase goes beyond the MLS and Internet searches. Using public records, we can identify property owners that don’t even realize they want to sell yet. We brainstorm and market to property owners, on your behalf, and uncover hidden inventory.

// Experience & Guidance

  • Finishes

  • Fixture selections

  • Market and pricing guidance (comparables for ARV to final pricing)

  • Drawing and design review and consultation

  • Access to network of service providers

  • Work with our preferred lenders to secure Fannie Mae approval


// Staging

// Photography

// Professionally Designed Print Materials

Staging is a crucial element in drawing out the property features and the highest and best use of the home. District Residential Group understands this and has taken this knowledge to the next level. We own our own inventory of ever-changing, high-end staging and provide this to our developers and sellers. We know what will work best for the space and what will bring buyers in through the front door.

Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 10.05.56 AM.png

All of our photoshoots are directed by a professional photographer with a careful eye as to how the photos and styling will be conveyed on the property website, your business portfolio website, and thousands of other websites across the Internet.

We personally design our own print materials. We no longer call it a brochure, it’s a booklet. Your property will be featured in its own booklet that is at least 6 pages and will include as many photographs as possible, floor plans, and local amenities. We will add pages as necessary. We take great pride in constantly staying ahead of our competition with creative layouts, graphics, folds and design.

// Property Signage

// Internet Strategy

// Social Media

It’s more than just a sign in your yard. We label your home with “value point signage”. We design and have signage professionally printed so that it is branded to your property and is easily seen and recognizable by guests. And yes, we will put a sign in your yard with a rider for your property website, too.

As buyers have increasingly gone on-line, we have worked hard for over a decade to create the most distinctive and most comprehensive online marketing program in the business. Our listings are showcased not only on websites, but social media and email, as well. Your property must be easily found online and without any barriers to viewing the information or photography. Each property site is synchronized to your portfolio site, as well as social media channels and email lists.

Our intention with social media is not to target just individual buyers, but those who might bring a buyer to the property – agents, neighbors, fans of businesses in the area. By targeting those who are connected to shops, restaurants and other businesses, as well as organizations, through social media, we can expose your property to prospects who already enjoy the area.

  • Your property website

  • DistrictResidential.com

  • MRIShomes.com

  • Realtor.com

  • Trulia.com

  • Zillow.com

  • Yahoo.com

  • Facebook.com

  • Craigslist.com

  • LinkedIn.com

  • Instagram

  • …and globally via IDX feed to thousands of sites.

On The Market

// On-Market: Week 1

  • Input property in Multiple Listing Service, complete with photo captions, virtual media, and floor plans

  • Email 4500 local agents

  • Launch property on RLAH’s network and social media

  • Brokers’ Tuesday tour open house – 12:00 am-12:30 pm

  • Public open houses – Saturday and Sunday

// On-Market: Weeks 2-3

  • Private showings

  • Follow-up with brokers and potential buyers

  • Provide status updates from open house and showings

  • Open house email and Craigslist advertising

  • Public open house – Saturday or Sunday

// On-Market: Week 4

  • Review competitive properties, market conditions and trends

  • Review and revise marketing plan and pricing strategy, as needed

  • Re-order photos on MLS and website; freshen copy

  • Private showings

  • Follow-up with brokers and potential buyers

  • Web updates for open house

  • Open house email and Craigslist advertising

  • Public open house – Sunday 2-4 pm


The list price of your home is always your decision. In our conversation, we will arm you with recent, comparable sales (the past 6 months, as this is what the appraiser will use) that reflect similar square footage, bedroom and bathroom count, and condition. Note: the keyword here is “similar.” We will find a range of properties, view them objectively, make allowances for the differences, and determine our best-recommended price in order to generate the most interest for your home.

10 out of 10 homeowners view their property as more valuable than the highest-priced sale in their area. The danger of overpricing a property is that it can ultimately lead to a lower-than-market sale price after sitting on the market for an extended period. The market will react more quickly to a property priced at a fair market value, or even slightly lower. If a property is underpriced, the market will correct, just as it will if we are overpriced. An underpriced property that is not effectively marketed will likely only achieve the list price. We always want to create as much activity as we can in order to create a micro-market for the property and ultimately, a competitive, multiple-offer situation.

On the market
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