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Glover Park

Northwest, Washington D.C.

Glover Park is like a small town surrounded by a metropolitan expanse. Its tree-lined streets, parks, recreation areas and farmers market give the neighborhood a character quite distinctive from its neighboring Georgetown.

This primarily residential neighborhood is comprised of Federal-style row houses, and quaint condos and coops. Along its commercial corridor, the stretch of Wisconsin that falls within Glover Park’s boundaries, are condo buildings, shops, restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores, gyms, bars and banks offering many residents enough amenities that they rarely have need to leave.

As benefactor of the philanthropy and direction of Charles Carroll Glover, the District has much to be thankful for — Rock Creek Park, the National Cathedral, the National Zoo, Potomac Park and and the park after which the neighborhood itself was named, Glover-Archibald Park. And residents of Glover Park show their thanks by actively participating in their tight-knit and active community. From its Glover Park Co-ed Softball League and DC Stoddart Soccer League, to the softball diamond/playground/dog park of Guy Mason Park, the neighborhood’s yearly Glover Park Day to its farmers market and flea market, Glover Park is a picturesque village-within-a-city.

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