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Northwest, Washington D.C.

The Palisades, known simply as Palisades, was first subdivided in 1893, following the plans of the Palisades Improvement Company. In 1896, the International Athletic Park and Amusement Company constructed a Bicycle Track and General Amusement Park on a sizeable section of the neighborhood. A little over a decade later, the amusement park land was purchased by the Potomac Heights Land Company at the cost of $1000 per acre. This land was divided into 800 lots, each costing approximately $500. Specific contracts outlined that no home on these lots could be constructed for less than $2500.

The main corridor through Palisades is MacArthur Boulevard. The neighborhood runs abreast of the Potomac River from the edge of the Georgetown University campus at Foxhall Road to the D.C.-Maryland border near the Delacarlia Treatment Plant.

Today, Palisades is one of the lesser-known neighborhoods of Washington. The architecture is a mixture of detached houses, apartments, and townhouses. Homes along the bluff on Potomac Avenue are enhanced by an expansive view of the Potomac River and Virginia riverfront, and are often graced with splendid sunset views. Also included in the neighborhood is a celebrated variety of trendy restaurants serving cuisine that varies all the way from clam bar to Asian fusion.

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