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Mount Pleasant

Northwest, Washington D.C.

Mount Pleasant began, in 1727, as a land grant that included the present-day Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, and Pleasant Plains areas. Following the creation of the District of Columbia in 1791, Pleasant Plains Estate became part of Washington County and was sold off as individual tracts.

The highest elevations of the original Pleasant Plains estate, belonging to Samuel P. Brown during the Civil War, became the modern day Mount Pleasant.

Bordered on two sides by Rock Creek Park, a vast majority of Mount Pleasant is wooded residential area. The architecture is dominantly rowhouses, some subdivided into apartments, with a few 19th century wood frame houses remaining from the original settlement. The eastern border of the neighborhood offers mid-rise apartments, condominiums and cooperatives.

Situated in the Northwest quadrant of Washington, D.C., the neighborhood is home to approximately ten thousand people and is primarily residential but includes a four-block commercial corridor along Mount Pleasant Street.

Mount Pleasant in the present is a vibrant, active community with a small town appeal thanks in large part to the concentration of commercial opportunities in one area.

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