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Colonial Village

Northwest, Washington D.C.

Much of Colonial Village was part of “The Father of Modern Washington,” Alexander “Boss” Robey Shepherd’s original estate. Subdivision began in 1931 on the motif of Colonial America. A handful of the first 80 homes were built as reproductions of famous Colonial structures such as George Washington’s Yorktown home in which the articles of surrender were signed, the headquarters at Valley Forge and his boyhood home.

Lacking a commercial area but just minutes away from the East-West Highway and the Beltway, Colonial Village, located at the uppermost point of the generally diamond-shaped Washington, D.C., is residence to many high officials of the District of Columbia. With its detached homes on considerable lots, meandering streets, open spaces and proximity to Rock Creek Park, the neighborhood is cordial and pleasant. Rock Creek itself has several small tributaries that literally run through the neighborhood, affording for many outdoor activities and amenities.

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