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Adams Morgan

Northwest, Washington D.C.

The name “Adams Morgan” comes from the mid 1950’s, when a collaborative effort was made to improve the area by actively embracing all races and cultures. Previous to 1956, Adams had been the name of the area’s neighborhood school for white children while Morgan was the school for black children. At the time, the general area was in poor condition due to neglect and racial division. Thanks to the devoted citizen group, the Adams-Morgan Better Neighborhood Conference, the district began to recover from its slump in the fall of 1956 and has since grown into the vibrant, multi-cultural neighborhood it is now, known for its welcoming and spirited atmosphere.

With its heart centered at the intersection of 18th Street and Columbia Road, Adams Morgan is a culturally diverse neighborhood with a festive night life. Considered to be the center of Washington’s Hispanic immigrant community, the area hums with youth, Latin-infused lounges, salsa venues, unconventional boutiques and international cuisine.

Much of the neighborhood is made up of 19th and early 20th century row houses and apartment buildings in delectable colors. The commercial district is along 18th Street in particular and has a great reputation for evening entertainment with its restaurants, nightclubs, bars, galleries, coffee houses and bookstores. The area is particularly popular with young professionals.

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